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£ 10,000.00

Bertie is 17hh 6yo dark bay gelding. I bought him unbroken and he has been a complete dude to work with, and safe since the first day we sat on him. He got a BE80T run in end of last year at Pontispool and bagged a 4th place. He is now jumping 90/1m at home and competing double clears at 80 and 90 in SJ and Arena eventing before Covid, and went out last week to arena ODE and WON!

Bertie will hack alone, or in company and is a cool calm character at all times. He doesnt worry about much and isnt sharp hot or silly, has never bucked reared or bolted he just does what it says on the tin. He does need the leg to go forward so if you want something forward going he wont be for you. He jumps, he is careful and will go on any stride as long as you kick, and is easy and rhythmical to a fence. Showjumping, they may as well all be the same colour with fillers under them as he is no different at any fence be it bright or not and an upright or a spread he just does what he is told. He doesnt stop or look at anything you just kick him and he goes. He would give confidence to a competent novice rider who knows how to hold a contact and use the leg and seat and voice to ride the horse into that contact, but will not be sold to clueless home. XC again he doesnt mind what they look like you just point and kick and he will jump them all, ditches, steps up or down, water, banks he just gets on with the job, would also go round sensible in a pair too or might enjoy team chasing. Dressage you just hold a good contact and ride him into it and he stays in a nice still outline looking gorgeous, has pulled 70% out unaffiliated, does leg yielding and a hint of shoulder in, but I think a pure dressage home would bore him. He has been out hunting a couple of times and loved it, and a hunting home could suit him well, I would keep him to hunt if I had the space. He is great to clip, shoe (only shod in front) load and travel. He has only travelled in a 7.5t or a 3.t lorry, not yet in a trailer. Easy to catch,he is normally the first horse to come and say hello. He is good in the field and friendly with other horses and generally a happy chap. He currently carries a 12 stone lady rider and despite his size I would not say he is a weight carrier so ideally looking for a competent lady or lightweight gent rider or even a teenage coming off a lazy pony as he is ready to go. Swansea, South Wales

  • Gender: Gelding
  • Type of Seller: Individual
  • Height: 17 hh
  • Age: 6 yrs
  • Breeding: By JIGILO, By JUMBO
  • Advertiser's contact preference: Phonecalls or emails
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Swansea, South WalesA) United Kingdom 07973 460152