Gorgeous Spotted Gelding

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£ 6,750.00


Registered with passport – British spotted sports horse.

Microchip ✔️

16hh Bay near leopard spot gelding

Date of birth 3/5/11

Same home for the last seven years. Full history known.

Very sad sale. Owner is downsizing her small herd.

Broken at 3 and was the easiest horse ever to break. Numerous photos available to highlight this.

Is ultra low mileage due to always having too many horses. When in work he’s a safe, uncomplicated, easy ride. Snaffle mouth, no nose band, no martingale. Never been shod and has always lived out with a shelter and ad lib Haylage. Will stable if necessary. Always loaded nicely when asked even though it was rare. Lives happily in a mixed herd.

Fantastic nature, very laid back and kind. Bombproof in all traffic and machinery. Has been ridden alone and in company.

Lovely floaty action.

Not currently vaccinated.
Teeth last checked in 2019.
Feet trimmed last week.

Tack available –

Jeffries leather saddle (hardly used)
Stirrup leathers
Stirrup irons
Collegiate leather bridle with bit and reins.
Fly rug
Stable rug
Lightweight turnout rug
Heavyweight turnout rug

  • Listing ID: 20210
  • Gender: Gelding
  • Type of Seller: Business - Sold more than 3 horses or ponies within the last 12 months
  • Height: 16 hh
  • Age: 10 yrs
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