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 Dressage / Posted 2 weeks ago

Chester has done BD up to Novice level, competed at Inter-regionals & at U25 championships. He’s been to youth camps & regular training with my daughter.
We’ve had Chester just over 5yrs, but known him for longer.
He came to us as a slightly troubled soul, we tried a bit of everything with him and found that Dressage is where his heart lies which has actually paved the way for my daughter.
Chester is better the more work he is doing, and the more turnout he can have- ideally with a companion as he’s quite a tactile pony.
He is nervous to hack, has got better but it’s not something he enjoys on our roads- having said that he loves a ride across the downs.
He has fantastic rhythmical paces & he can do basic lateral movements.
My daughter has outgrown him now and my younger daughter has her own pony so he’s going to waste which seems a shame.
He loves to be groomed, do join up and be sat on bareback.
He is not a novice ride or a pony for someone coming off lead rein, he has a busy brain and has dropped the odd shoulder. He isn’t nasty or even naughty just seriously clever so needs to be worked & not fed!
He needs a new friend now who will take the time to get to know him and work with him.
If you think you could be the right person for him please send me a message/email.
The right home is the only home we are looking for, he is very special to us.

  • Gender: Gelding
  • Type of Seller: Individual
  • Height: 12.2 hh
  • Age: 11 yrs
  • Breeding: Welsh x
  • Advertiser's contact preference: Phonecalls or emails