Equine Pursuit’s 4 winter essentials

Winter time can be pretty tough for us horsey folk that spend most of our time outdoors battling the cold, wind, ice, rain and sometimes the snow too! Anything that makes the weather more bearable is definitely money well spent in our books.

Our four favourite products this winter are;

1. Equetech arctic thermal underbreeches

Despite the wordy name, we love this product. They are great for wearing under your jodhpurs/breeches and provide that extra layer of warmth without having to shell out on some expensive winter jodhpurs. These are only £15 from most online shops. Be careful if you have expensive made-to-measure boots though, you need enough room to be able to fit an extra layer on and still zip up your boots!

Equetech Arctic Thermal Underbreeches
You can get these in this colour or black, we personally love this colour as you can wear them under white competition breeches too.

These thermal underbreeches should not be confused with the other Equetech thermal underbreeches which have just one patch of warmth on the thigh area. Whilst we love this idea in theory, they are no where near as soft, comfy and warm as the ones pictured above, and they are more expensive!

2. Hand warmers

Ever been so cold when you are riding that you lose the feeling in your fingers completely, or worse they are so cold they are painful – us too. These Hothands products are a life-saver, we use them inside our riding gloves with great success and on a really cold day we also like to use a pair of the foot warmers. They stay warm on average for about 6 hours! These can be bought from most places like tesco and amazon.

The only thing we don’t love about this product is that they aren’t re-usable which means if you use them every day it isn’t great for the environment and it is also a bit expensive. If you have any more environmentally and financially sustainable suggestions then we would love to hear from you, just leave a comment below.

Image result for handwarmers"

3. A TOG24 waterproof coat

You have probably never heard of this brand, it isn’t an equestrian brand but out of the many supposedly ‘waterproof’ coats we have tried this is by far our favourite. Make sure to check the label for the waterproof rating, we tested the 8k and 10k waterproof jackets and our favourite was the 10k one, this held up even in some seriously bad welsh rain! We live in these jackets now, they are super affordable (they often have sales on) and they are incredibly durable, long-lasting and most importantly, they are actually waterproof!

This is the 10K waterproof coat we love, its called ‘Move Mens Milatex Jacket Black’

4. Thermal socks

We love these socks! Again this is a non-specific equestrian product, they are 2.3tog and they are super cosy, comfortable and warm. Using these socks means we went from using the non-reusable feet warmers everyday to once a month or less which is much better for the bank balance and the environment! We bought our pair for less than £5 at the range but they also retail for about £9 on amazon. The only thing to be cautious of with these socks is that they are so thick you might not have enough room in your riding boots to wear them but they are great in yard boots when you are mucking out etc.

Keep warm this winter with thermal socks!

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