Equestrian life hacks

life hack

Everyone knows that buying things with ‘equestrian’ branding from an equestrian retailer can triple the price of certain items. The classic one is the water buckets that you can buy from Asda for £4 but an identical bucket would cost £8+ from an equestrian retailer.

We thought it would be fun to share a few equestrian ‘life hacks’ which will save you time or money or just make life that little bit easier.

Oven gloves to protect your saddle from stirrup marks

Individual stirrup protectors are quite popular at the moment but they are so small and easy to loose. Buying a pair of oven gloves like the ones below is a cheap and harder to loose option!


Make shift slow feeders

Buying a branded slow feeder can easily set you back over £100 if not more (gulp!). Why not make your own, lots of people use wheelie-bins, others simply build or buy an open-top wooden box and put a metal grid on the top. Obviously safety has to be taken into account, you have to properly secure these home-made inventions but when you can make your own for half the price it seems to be a no-brainer, particularly if you have some free time on your hands in COVID-19 lockdown.

Feed scoops

An equestrian can never have too many feed scoops, one for each feed bin plus an extra to take to the field if your pony is a bit cheeky to catch! Why not re-purpose an old milk bottle for one of your feed bin scoops.

Broken zips

Has a zip on your riding boot ever broken? This tends to happen at a really awkward time when you can’t get it replaced before the next competition. We recommend keeping a few paperclips in your grooming kit, they provide a cheap, quick, and easy to use zip.

Keeping the hose pipe under control

Tired of getting a tangled up, kinked hose pipe? who isn’t. Next time you change your tyres ask to keep one of the old ones, they are the perfect size and shape for storing a hose pipe.

Saddle storage

Not only are traditional saddle racks expensive but they are also bad for the flocking in your saddle. A well known life hack is to add swimming pool noodles to these saddle racks, but if you want to avoid the problem altogether without splashing out on something expensive why not up-cycle some round plastic containers…

Keeping your horse hydrated at shows

If you have a some strong fabric hanging around, maybe parts of an old rug, and you have some spare time on your hands you could whip up a water bucket holder quite easily. These are especially convenient for one-day competitions where your horse might be tied to the outside of a trailer whilst you eagerly (or anxiously) wait for your results…

Sorting out a smelly riding hat

If only riding hats could go in the washing machine. We don’t know any other clothing that people would happily wear for hours a day without washing it! There is only one ‘equestrian’ hat deodoriser that we could find on the market, a Charles Owen one and to be fair it isn’t that expensive at £4.90. Having tried and tested it however, we actually prefer the Dettol option which smells better and has the advantage of being anti-bacterial, which in today’s climate is pretty important. The Dettol option is more expensive and costs about £10, although on amazon you can buy 10 for £21 if you are really keen or have some yard friends you could chip in with!