4 reasons why you should advertise your saddle for sale on Equine Pursuit

1. Save time

Have you been trying to sell your saddle for ages? Do you have to keep re-posting it for sale on various facebook groups because about 5 minutes after you post your advert it immediately disappears in the hundreds of posts never to be seen again! We know the difficulties only too well.

If you advertise your saddle on Equine Pursuit you only have to upload the advert once, it doesn’t need bumping up, re-posting or refreshing! The only time you will have to do anything is remove the advert once its sold – easy peasy!

2. Lots of potential buyers will see your advert

We have over 2000 page views on our website on a daily basis looking for horses, saddles and horseboxes for sale – all of these people will see your advert. From time to time we also share adverts on our own facebook page too.

3. It is completely free

At Equine Pursuit you can advertise your saddles for FREE all year round – there are no hidden costs.

4. It is easy and quick to post your advert

On average it takes about 5 minutes to sign up and post an advert for your saddle on our website and you can do this easily from your mobile phone! You have probably spent longer reading this blog post than the time it will take to post an advert for your saddle on our website.